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Students Sound Off About the Value of Online Learning

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Taking tests on the couch. Sleeping in late. Avoiding rush hour traffic. Have you wondered if online learning is as awesome as it sounds? We recently polled our students on Twitter about the value of online learning and we discovered how much our students love the freedom that comes with online courses.

Blake values working and studying in a place that he decides and in which he feels comfortable:

“My favorite thing about distance learning is how easy it is to complete my coursework at my own pace and in my own environment.”

Jeshaevia Young also values location, and enjoys being near her family most:

My favorite thing about distance learning is that I am able to work at my own pace and study the Major that I am passionate about. Also It lets me work comfortably in my own home allowing me to spend some quality time with my family who I love dearly.”

Stephanie Cruz, a working mom and Twitter user, found that online learning options are the only way she could have pursued a degree:

“What I love about online learning is the innovative mobility of where one decides to study, attend one’s class lectures, and also one’s academic agenda. Personally, as a mother of three children, online learning is the reason why I can proceed with higher education.”

Kizzie, an online student who recently won a laptop and printer in our Twitter giveaway, urges students to stay organized if you want to reap the rewards of online learning:

“If you want to take online classes, make sure you know what your schedule and availability are like. Just because online learning gives you a lot of flexibility, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to dedicate a certain amount of time to your courses.”

Even our alumni wanted to raise awareness of online learning. Nikki, a superfan of our community colleges and recent transfer student, loves how she can hop on social media and stay up-to-date on her college’s events and offerings:

“My favorite thing about distance learning was/is being “connected” to the school on these social media platforms…they really help close the distance.”

Many of our students transitioned to online learning due to the pandemic, and are staying online for good. Our colleges are building fully online programs and transfer pathways so that you can continue your education and meet your goals. Contact your advisor if you’d like to learn how to transition to a fully online transfer pathway as you complete your online learning with us.

Explore what your local college has to offer by heading to our college locator and clicking on your college’s online landing page. You can follow us for news and more student stories on Twitter and Facebook (@getonlineVA).


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