Pathways to In-Demand Careers

On July 1, 2021, we’re launching a training and education program for students with a family income of less than $100,000 to help prepare them for good careers and open jobs in Virginia.

The G3 Program is Designed to Change Lives

These programs are designed to fit around the busy schedules of working students. Each program has three levels that build on each other. After each level, you earn a certification that can lead to a job. This means students can take breaks in between trainings without losing progress along the way to an associate degree.

The financial assistance for this program is “last dollar,” which covers off any remaining tuition or fees after other grants and scholarships are spent.

How to Enroll in a G3 Program

  1. Select your career path.
  2. Apply to community college.
  3. Fill out the FAFSA or FANTIC application.
  4. Contact an advisor to plan classes and confirm financial aid.
  5. Enroll in your first classes.

Students must maintain a schedule of least six credit hours (usually two classes), hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher and show progress to earning an associate degree in three years to maintain eligibility. Download requirements.

While the program doesn’t start until July 1, by signing up early with your local community college, they can help start the process and save your spot. Visit your local community websites to learn more.


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