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Based on local needs and conditions, Virginia’s Community Colleges this year staged springtime graduations in a variety of formats.  Some...
“I wanted to be successful. A series of circumstances led me back to living at my mom’s...
“This is our time. This is our moment.  Let’s get these G3 programs off the ground. Let’s...
Dr. Greg Hodges has been selected as president at Patrick Henry Community College, succeeding Dr. Angeline Godwin...

Campus Quotes

  • Image of student
    Student at NRCC
    “The instructors are incredible, they really work with everyone. You build a bond with them.”
  • Image of student
    Student at PDCCC
    “After coming here and receiving hope from so many others, I have been inspired to keep going.”
  • Image of student
    Student at NOVA
    “I liked that the classrooms at NOVA were much smaller than four-year colleges.”
  • Image of student
    Student at TCC
    “Every day my teachers brought real-world knowledge to the classroom and were really invested in student success.”
  • Image of student
    Student at RCC
    “At RCC you are not just a number—they call you by your name.”


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