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VCCS college navigators, coaches and admissions personnel are working overtime to make sure that people who qualify for a new...
November 23, 2020 MEDIA CONTACT: Jeffrey Kraus Asst. Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications (804) 592-6767 (RICHMOND) –...
When you think about a college calendar, you may automatically think of traditional semesters. You’ve got fall...
It’s a limited-time offer, and Virginians are wasting no time signing up for a new grants program...

Campus Quotes

  • Image of student
    Student at NRCC
    “The instructors are incredible, they really work with everyone. You build a bond with them.”
  • Image of student
    Student at PDCCC
    “After coming here and receiving hope from so many others, I have been inspired to keep going.”
  • Image of student
    Student at NOVA
    “I liked that the classrooms at NOVA were much smaller than four-year colleges.”
  • Image of student
    Student at TCC
    “Every day my teachers brought real-world knowledge to the classroom and were really invested in student success.”
  • Image of student
    Student at RCC
    “At RCC you are not just a number—they call you by your name.”


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