S2E1: Pandemic Pivots

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Welcome to season two of Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges, a podcast that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at community college higher education in the commonwealth and the initiatives helping individuals reach their goals.

In this season of the podcast, we will investigate how COVID-19 has impacted students and higher education institutions in Virginia.  We’ll talk to administrators, advisors, and students about the changes they’ve made in response to COVID-19 and how Virginia’s community colleges can help Virginians recover as we hit the one-year mark of the pandemic.

Our guests for this episode were at “ground zero” of the chaos that happened as we all realized just how serious the pandemic was to become.  Our first guest is the chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges, Dr. Glenn DuBois.  Our second guest, Dr. Sharon Morrissey, is the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academics and Workforce Programs for Virginia’s Community Colleges and was tasked with co-chairing a committee to determine its response COVID-19.

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