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Glenn DuBoisWith 20 years on the job, Glenn DuBois is the longest-serving Chancellor in the history of Virginia’s Community Colleges.  He announced his retirement last August, effective at the end of June 2022.

DuBois has led the system through three strategic plans and into a fourth, an ambitious blueprint called Opportunity 2027 which commits our colleges to “achieve equity in access, learning outcomes, and success for students from every race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic group.”

And the VCCS State Board, which adopted the Strategic Plan, is looking to the next Chancellor to transform the plan into reality across Virginia’s 23 community colleges.

The job description posted on the VCCS website says, in part, “The State Board seeks a leader to galvanize the state and its diverse communities around its compelling vision for the future. Broadening educational opportunity requires strong leadership and an understanding of how to utilize public policy and public/private investment in today’s higher education environment.”

Nathaniel Bishop“This is no easy assignment,” noted VCCS State Board Chair Nathaniel Bishop in an open letter November 3rd to all faculty and staff at community colleges statewide.  “We have created an inclusive and diverse search committee for this work that includes the perspectives of our Board, presidents, faculty, foundation leaders and students, as well outside state agencies with which we collaborate frequently.”


The Search Committee, pictured above, will conduct a national hunt to find a diverse pool of experienced, talented, and creative candidates who offer what’s needed to lead Virginia’s Community Colleges into the future.

A page dedicated to the search for a new Chancellor has been created on the VCCS website. There, you can read the job profile that’s being advertised, review the membership of the search committee, and find updates as the committee works.


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