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Opportunity 2027, the VCCS statewide strategic plan, is being rebooted

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image of presidents Gullickson and Conston

Gullickson (left) and Conston

By Dr. Janet Gullickson, President Germanna Community College, and Dr. Marcia Conston, President Tidewater  Community College

What is the Opportunity 2027 Reboot?        

Delayed by the lingering pandemic, leadership changes, and with a renewed and accelerated emphasis on workforce development and telling the VCCS success story, the Reboot brings laser focus to operationalizing and  implementing the Goals of Opportunity 2027: A Six-Year Statewide Strategic Plan for Virginia’s Community Colleges. 

What are the operationalized team efforts for each Goal?

Team One, led by Dr. John Rainone, Dr. Shannon Kennedy and Mr. Jim Babb, will assure that the VCCS and colleges’ stories and results are strategically told.

Team Two, led by Dr. Kris Westover, Dr. Jean Runyon and Dr. Sherri Robertson, will continue to focus on high-impact practices, including assuring freedom of expression for all our students, by offering real strategies for teaching and learning.

Team Three, led by Dr. Porter Brannon, Dr. Dean Sprinkle and Dr. Laura Clark, will continue implementing last year’s onboarding recommendations.

Team Four, led by Dr. John Downey, Dr. Corey McCray, Dr. Greg Hodges, Mr. Randy Stamper, will focus on supporting the implementation of the Virginia Infrastructure Academy and expansion of career technical education offerings, including work-based learning.

Team Five, led by Dr. Kim Blosser, Dr. Quentin Johnson, Dr. Craig Herndon and Mr. Will Johnson, will focus on the parameters for a study of how workforce programs and other funds are allocated to the VCCS as well as finishing the implementation of the appropriate Onboarding Recommendations.

Team Six, led by Dr. Cat Finnegan, Dr. Jolene Hamm and Dr. Matt McGraw, will track progress made toward meeting the Goal Teams’ Benchmarks as well as populating the On Strategy tool and providing progress reports.

What’s next?

A statewide, in-person/virtual summit of the Teams’ current membership and new members is planned for this fall.  Stay tuned for the details.

How can you get involved?

Do you see a Goal Team that needs your talent, expertise, guidance and interest?  Please notify your president so that you may be included in the critical work of implementing Opportunity 2027. Thank you in advance for your support!


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