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New VCCS Chancellor hits the road to visit all of Virginia’s Community Colleges in his first weeks on the job

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Dr. David Doré hit the ground running when he began his service as the new VCCS Chancellor. He was determined to meet with students, faculty and staff at all of our colleges before the end of the spring semester, and as of this writing (April 25, 2023), Doré has visited 14 of our 23 colleges. He will wrap-up his 36-day whirlwind tour on May 9, and will end up traveling more than 3,100 miles on Virginia’s highways and byways.

“Our visits have been fast-paced but it was one of my top priorities to see our colleges and start getting to know our people and our students as soon as possible,” said Dr. Doré. “It’s been exhilarating to see Virginia’s beautiful countryside and her incredible and rich diversity.”

Doré’s first day on the job at the VCCS was April 3, and he paid a quick pre-tour visit to Reynolds Community College. By April 4, he was on the road.

Some Listening Tour Highlights:

April 4, 2023:  The official start of the listening tour was Central Virginia Community College, where, along with other sights, the Chancellor visited career and technical training spaces and got a first-hand look at some of CVCC’s STEM labs.

Dore visit 1







Later that same day, the tour continued at Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke where Doré met with students, faculty and staff, toured VWCC’s impressive facilities and got a gorgeous view of the region.

Dore blend_2







April 5, 2023  Crossing the entrance into New River Community College was a great way to open day two of the tour. Every group was dynamic and engaged. Dr. Doré was delighted to meet the region’s representatives and learn about regional challenges and opportunities.

Dore blend_3








During the afternoon that day, Chancellor Doré traveled to the VCCS’s Shared Services Center in Botetourt County, meeting with staff who perform vital back-end business functions for our colleges.

Shared Services Center








April 6, 2023:  To wrap up the first week of the whirlwind tour, the destination was  Piedmont Virginia Community College, where meetings with faculty, staff and students generated lively discussions about the college’s programs and initiatives.

Dore blended_4



April 11, 2023:  Week two of the statewide tour was devoted to our colleges in far Southwest Virginia, several of which are physically closer to the capitals of other states than they are to Richmond.  The week began at Southwest Virginia Community College, where students expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for athletics and even overseas travel.

Dore blended 5







Later on April 11:  Spending the afternoon at Mountain Empire Community College spotlighted the importance of our colleges to that region of Virginia. The enthusiasm and ambitions of the MECC students were evident in their conversations with the new Chancellor, and the faculty and staff were equally engaged.

Dore blended 6
April 12, 2023:   Virginia Highlands Community College gave a warm welcome to the chancellor’s team in the morning.  Doré saw for himself the importance of an experienced faculty, and healthcare programs housed on campus are truly an asset to Abingdon and the surrounding communities that depend on VHCC’s expertise.

Dore blended 7







Later on April 12, Wytheville Community College rolled out the red carpet. Conversations with students and faculty showed the power of respect for one another, and  visiting the college’s “pole yard” to see power line workers being trained was a highlight of the visit.

Dore blended *









April 13, 2023:  Thursday morning’s visit to Patrick & Henry Community College was an eye-opener.  P&H’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology complex and motorsports program were highlights. And seeing the drive and passion of students from all over the world coming to P&HCC was a reminder that even our rural colleges have international impact.

Dore blended (








On the afternoon of April 13, Danville Community College showed the power of collaboration and innovation to produce graduates ready for the 21st century workforce. The NSA-accredited IT/tech program at DCC was especially impressive.

Dore blended 10







The Chancellor’s Listening Tour picked up again on April 20 at Southside Virginia Community College, were Chancellor Doré was on hand to see SVCC’s 500th power line worker earn his credentials.  The college’s Student Services Center and e-sports program also made strong impressions.

Dore blended 11








The afternoon of April 20 brought Dr. Doré to Paul D. Camp Community College, which has an active and growing workforce development presence in the region and seeks to expand healthcare programs.

Dore blended 12







Dr. Doré has engaged with healthcare students statewide, but week three of his tour brought a memorable experience on the morning of
April 24 at Virginia Peninsula Community College.  Dr. Doré participated in a simulated birth with VPCC’s EMT, fire and rescue, nursing faculty and students.  “It was both real physically and emotionally,” he said. “I thought I was going to cry when this baby came out.”

Dore doing delivery














The Chancellor also started his visit to Tidewater Community College on the afternoon of April 24  and continued at TCC on April 25.  (We’ll have pictures in the next Community College Connection!)

Still ahead:

April 26 – Eastern Shore Community College

April 27 & 28 – Northern Virginia Community College

May 1 – Reynolds Community College

May 2 – Laurel Ridge and Blue Ridge Community Colleges

May 3 – Mountain Gateway Community College

May 4 – Brightpoint Community College

May 9 – Rappahannock and Germanna Community Colleges


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