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New Chancellor will visit all of Virginia’s Community Colleges this spring

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As shared in the January newsletter, State Board Chair Douglas Garcia announced the creation of a team to support the smooth transition of our next chancellor, Dr. David Doré. Comprised of a diverse group representing college, student, and system office members, the team was organized to provide opportunities for Dr. Doré to understand our structure and function, while gaining insight into our successes, opportunities, and challenges. The members of the team are listed in the link above.

Image of Dr. Dore and Sharon Morrissey

Dr. Doré will succeed Interim Chancellor Sharon Morrissey, who has served in the post since last July.  Doré and Dr. Morrissey are seen here during his visit to Richmond January 17.

The transition team is tasked with:

  • Developing and adopting a timeline of activities, engagements, and meetings for Chancellor Doré to interact with both internal and external constituencies
  • Introducing Chancellor Doré to partners and stakeholders
  • Planning a listening tour for Dr. Doré to meet the communities we serve and the people who deliver our mission, while collecting multiple perspectives and ideas
  • Organizing sessions for Chancellor Doré to learn more about our programs, operations, and initiatives
  • Creating a futures report with data about emerging issues and demographics potentially impacting the VCCS

With Dr. Doré beginning his tenure as Chancellor in April, the transition team has placed a high priority on providing him with an opportunity to visit every community college – and meet with faculty and students – before the conclusion of the spring semester. A blueprint for these listening tour sessions is being created and the team is now in the process of scheduling a listening tour event at each community college with the guidance of college presidents.

Also, the team is working with college presidents and community partners to identify key partners and stakeholders Dr. Doré should meet as he learns about Virginia’s community colleges. This will include opportunities for Dr. Doré to meet with students in person and virtually from all community colleges in his first few days as chancellor.

Dr. Doré plans to visit all of Virginia’s community colleges before the end of the spring semester.


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