Congressional action to extend CARES Act funding breathes new life into Virginia’s REV Grants

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Virginians who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic will continue to be able to apply for free workforce and career training at Virginia’s Community Colleges. Applicants can learn if they qualify for the tuition assistance grants at

When the “Re-Employing Virginians” (REV) Grants program was first announced by Governor Ralph Northam on October 30, federal funding rules at the time imposed a strict deadline of December 14 for Virginians to sign-up for classes in the targeted career fields.
But just before Christmas, congress approved a multi-billion dollar Covid-19 relief funding package that will allow sign-ups for REV Grants to continue through 2021.

“We awarded grants to more than 5,000 students in a six-week window,” wrote VCCS Chancellor Glenn DuBois in an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch December 26. “That was challenging work made more difficult by the narrow eligibility restrictions that governed those federally funded grants.”

Now, with the REV Grants program back on, the VCCS has more than $20 million worth of grants to offer over the remainder of 2021.

“I’m excited about the extended time because it gives us the opportunity to really work with those who probably need us the most,” said Laura Clark, VCCS assistance vice chancellor for student success and professional development.

“People’s lives are even more complicated than normal during the pandemic, and with the rest of the year ahead of us for folks to qualify for the grants, I’m hopeful we can help people overcome barriers that may have been insurmountable during the compressed sign-up period before the holidays.”

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