S2E3: Data Mining and Getting Ahead in the Workplace

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During the past year, Virginia’s Community Colleges has used every tool at its disposal to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. From changing the way classes are taught to offering Wi-Fi in school parking lots, each tactic had one thing in mind – helping students achieve their goals.

One new technique that Virginia’s Community Colleges are using is the mining and use of data for everything from determining future enrollment to trying to predict what types of classes will lead to the greatest success. Our first guests in this episode have been working with the community college system to do just that.

Our second guest in this episode has a role that is not as high tech as data mining but is no less important. Dr. Corey McCray, Associate Vice Chancellor for Programs, which includes workforce development.

Note: After the recording of this episode, Dr. McCray was named interim president of Camp Community College.

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