College can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. “Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges” features a series of open discussions designed to help you reach your higher education goals. Discover new initiatives and learn how to navigate the pathways of higher education.

S2E5: Pandemic Pathways

Over the last several episodes of this podcast we’ve talked about a lot of the changes that have happened at Virginia’s Community Colleges and the rest of the world due […]

S2E4: Learning During A Pandemic

As we all know, teaching and learning during a pandemic have both been a challenge. Most classes in Virginia’s Community Colleges converted to remote learning in March of 2020, and […]

S2E3: Data Mining and Getting Ahead in the Workplace

During the past year, Virginia’s Community Colleges has used every tool at its disposal to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. From changing the way classes are taught to offering Wi-Fi in […]

S2E2: A Year of Change

One of the biggest constants during the COVID-19 pandemic has been change.  At work and at home, we have all made modifications in how we live, to try to stay […]

S2E1: Pandemic Pivots

Welcome to season two of Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges, a podcast that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at community college higher education in the commonwealth and the initiatives helping individuals […]

S1E6: Success Stories

During each of the previous episodes in this season of Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges, we’ve heard from educators, advisors, and students on how remote learning works and how to get […]

S1E5: Setting Yourself Up for Success

The goal of any educational institution is student success, but how does that happen when a student may never meet their professor face-to-face? Remote learning requires a different mindset and […]

S1E4: Nuts and Bolts of Remote Learning

Individuals who are thinking about furthering their education remotely frequently have a lot of questions about how it all works. In this episode of Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges, we talk […]

S1E3: How to be Successful in Online Classes

While they have similarities, remote education differs from traditional classroom learning in a number of ways. When it comes to remote learning, being successful is reliant on your ability to […]

S1E2: Universal Benefit of Online Classes

Online education has been known to cause some anxiety, because for some people it’s an entirely different way of learning. In this episode of Inside Virginia’s Community Colleges, our guests […]


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