Workforce and career training at Virginia’s Community Colleges in the spotlight

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The economic damage from a nearly two-year Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated problems that already vexed the American workplace, with job seekers desperate to find better wages, even as employers struggled to find workers with the right skills.

Even with a post-pandemic economic recovery underway, economists pointed to a lagging labor force participation rate, with 190,000 fewer Virginians working now than before the virus, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

JTCC Fast ForwardSo, when Virginia’s Community Colleges announced that affordable workforce and career training programs on their campuses were growing at a healthy clip, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Virginia’s newsrooms would take notice.

“More Virginia students opting to take community college route, preparing for high-demand jobs,” reported Roanoke CBS affiliate WDBJ7 TV.  Other broadcast and print outlets followed suit.

VCCS Chancellor Glenn DuBois’ statements about the nine percent enrollment increase in G3 eligible programs were shared with readers and viewers across the state: “What we’re seeing in the numbers is that there is a need across the commonwealth for fast, affordable, efficient, career-specific training and educational programs – and this is what community colleges do best.”

Even better, the news was also embraced in the editorial pages of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and several affiliated newspapers.

In the words of the editors, “elected leaders must build on the successes of two career and technical training programs. The G3 and FastForward initiatives provide financially sustainable pathways to high-demand job opportunities.”

“The G3 and FastForward programs create channels for employers, educational institutions and employees to work together to create highly skilled, good-paying futures. By building on their successes, Virginia increases its chances of creating the strongest economy possible — one that engages, and even re-engages, every capable worker,” the RTD added.

Icing on the cake:

A national panel of advertising industry specialists conferred Silver Awards for the VCCS’s marketing campaign for the new career training initiatives.  The G3 Program’s Digital Video Ads and the G3 Website were spotlighted in the awards.  The VCCS is working with two of Virginia’s top agencies, Access of Roanoke and the Hodges Partnership of Richmond.


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