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Welcome to the Statistics page for the Virginia Community College System and its colleges. This information is provided by the VCCS Research & Reporting team.

Please explore the interactive 10-Year Trends report in Annual and Fall Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, Distance Learning, Student Success, and Enrollment by Program.

Additional Data Topics can be found in the tiles.

Finally, see Research Partnerships at the bottom of the page for links to research briefs with our partner institutions.

10 Year Trends: Various Measures

Additional Data Topics

Full Time Enrollment Headcount as of Fall 2022: 79,561 ACADEMIC PROGRAMS OFFERED: 16 Diplomas 162 Certificates 968 Career Studies Certificates 578 Associate Degrees ACCESS – Demographic data about the students we serve: 49% Students of Color 57% Female Students 31% Dual Enrollment Students 72,632 Receiving Financial Aid LEARNING 90,181 Distance Learning Students, Fall 2022 1,193,413 Total Credit Hours Taken, Fall 2022 36% Completed College-Level Math (Fall 2021 Cohort) 56% Completed College-Level English (Fall 2021 Cohort) SUCCESS – Outcomes for academic students: 25,738 Students Earned a Degree or Certificate, 2021-2022 60,286 Transfer Students, Fall 2022
35,664 Unique Career/Tech Students, Fall 2022 281 Approved Workforce Training Programs Top 5 Workforce Training Programs Completed in Fiscal Year 2022: Commercial Driver’s License (Class A) Clinical Medical Assistant (NHA) VDOT Asphalt Field Levels 1 and 2 Phlebotomy Technician (NHA) CompTIA A+ ACCESS – Demographic data about our workforce training students: 37% Female Students 20% Received SNAP Benefits Prior to and/or at the Time of Enrollment 49% Students of Color Average Student Age: 35 Years Old LEARNING 93% Completion Rate (2017-2021) 44,167 FastForward Credentials Earned, Fall 2022 SUCCESS – Outcomes after completing workforce training: 24,310 FastForward Completers Employed in Virginia $2.6 Billion in Wages Earned by FastForward Completers (2017-2021)

Research Partnerships

Brown University

  • ai20-317.pdf: Stacking the Deck for Employment Success: Labor Market Returns to Stackable Credentials
  • ai20-240.pdf: Unfinished Business? Academic and Labor Market Profile of Adults with Substantial College Credits But No Degree
  • ai22-529.pdf: Can Information and Advising Affect Postsecondary Participation and Attainment for Non-Traditional Students? Evidence from a Large-Scale Experiment with the U.S. Army
  • ai22-595.pdf: Crossing the Finish Line but Losing the Race? Socioeconomic Inequalities in the Labor Market Trajectories of Community College Graduates
  • ai23-699.pdf: Human versus Machine: Do college advisors outperform a machine-learning algorithm in predicting student enrollment?
  • ai23-717.pdf: Are Algorithms Biased in Education? Exploring Racial Bias in Predicting Community College Student Success


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