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HIRE Virginia

Hire Virginia

The Challenge:

Workers Needed Now!

Virginia is facing a workforce crisis. Record-low unemployment, coupled with a falling rate of labor force participation (Just 64% of working age Virginia adults are actively working or seeking a job) has left Virginia’s employers actively searching for tens of thousands of qualified workers to support their businesses. If these jobs are not filled, it means the loss of billions of dollars in economic activity for the Commonwealth.

The Solution:

HIRE Virginia

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) has the solution to fill many of the open jobs — HIRE VIRGINIA. This transformative initiative leverages successful existing programs to accelerate the training, credentialing, and placement of Virginians in available, good-paying jobs. The initiative focuses on the unfilled middle-skill jobs – those that require some level of credential or certification but do not require a four-year degree – approximately half of the open jobs. With HIRE Virginia, candidates for these jobs are trained at little or no cost to themselves, accelerating the time to fill these open positions.

As HIRE Virginia moves forward check back for updates on this page.


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