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High School Dual Enrollment

The benefits of Dual Enrollment:

Who is eligible for Dual Enrollment?

  • High school juniors or seniors attending a public or private school (exceptional freshman and sophomores may be eligible with approval from both high school principal and college president)
  • Meet or exceeds college placement requirements
  • Receive a recommendation from a high school official
  • Parental written consent required prior to student enrollment
  • Home-schooled students are also eligible for the program. These students are urged to contact their local community college to discuss the options available to them.

Next steps

Students interested in Dual Enrollment should speak with high school staff regarding eligibility. The list below features community college contacts for Dual Enrollment who coordinate with the high school by service area.  Please see the college websites below for more information.

  • Reduces the average time to degree completion and future college expenses.
  • Students enter college with credits applicable to their degree program
  • Students gain understanding of the rigor of college work as well as college faculty expectations
  • Access to college resources, facilities, and services such as advising and career counseling
  • Credit for Dual Enrollment courses is generally accepted at all Virginia private and public colleges.  Courses accepted may vary according to major.


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