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 Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New VCCS Student Success Site for Faculty and Staff:
Introducing The Resource Center (TRC)
Submitted by Shauna Davis, executive director, VCCS Student Success Center

What do the Student Success Leadership Institute, Guided Pathways, VIP-PASS, Student Success Action Plans, and Complete 2021 have to do with one another? The answer is, everything! These terms are a continuum of one driving goal across the VCCS, to increase student success. To better understand how it all fits together requires a little reordering.  


The Chancellor's Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC):
Addressing Faculty Issues to Maintain Quality Instruction for Our Students
Submitted by Charles Errico, Ph.D., professor of history at NOVA and chair of the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)

The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) consists of representatives from each of the 23 VCCS colleges. It meets with the Chancellor and his staff in the fall and spring semesters and serves as the voice of the faculty on systemic issues dealing with the budget, workload, and a myriad of other topics. CFAC represents the faculty on search committees for VCCS presidents and serves on statewide committees on technology, faculty diversity, and the selection of teaching awards.


Community College Leadership CORE Program
Submitted by Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D., SPHR, associate vice chancellor, human resources, VCCS, and Chris Glass, Ph.D., graduate program director, Community College Leadership, Old Dominion University

Are you:
• A member of the teaching faculty who needs graduate credits in order to get a promotion?
• A dean or aspiring dean who wants to grow professionally?
• Classified or administrative faculty who want to develop and get better at your job?
• New to the higher education industry?


John Tyler Community College to Launch Degree Program
with Zero Textbook Fees
Submitted by Holly Walker, public relations manager, John Tyler Community College

Beginning with the fall 2017 semester, John Tyler Community College is piloting a program in which students can earn an associate degree in General Studies without having to pay for textbooks. Called the Z-Degree, the program uses no-cost, high-quality electronic textbooks and educational materials. The only classroom material a student may have to pay for is a lab kit, required by some science classes, which costs approximately $40. Since textbooks can account for 25% of total college costs, the Z-Degree could save students as much as $2,000.  


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: General Assembly End-of-Session Report
Submitted by Ellen Davenport, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

The General Assembly officially adjourned on Saturday, February 25, 2017. A bill summary of passed legislation which is of interest to the VCCS is attached. One of the final actions of the 2017 General Assembly was approving the revised budget bill. Top budget priorities for the VCCS in the 2017 legislative session included maintenance of the $1 million in additional funding recommended by Governor McAuliffe in FY 2017 for workforce credentials, ameliorating the recommended 5% budget cut recommended for FY 2018, and ensuring that faculty and staff were eligible for any salary increases recommended through the budget. The VCCS was successful in achieving these goals: 





Mar. 9 (12:00-1:00 pm)


State Board Meeting




Mar. 16


NRCC (Dublin)


Mar. 24


Faculty Peer Group Meeting
(English, History & Related Humanities)




Mar. 30-31


Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)




Apr. 3-4


Workforce Development Services Advisory Council




Apr. 6-7


GCC (FAC Campus)


Apr. 7




Apr. 12-14


Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP)




Apr. 18-19


State Board Meeting




May 18


Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP)




June 20-21




July 26-28




Sep. 19-22

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