Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

By Charles Errico, Ph.D.
CFAC Chair


The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) recently concluded its fall semester meeting with the System’s Office. Falling enrollments that produced reductions in force (RIF’s) at Wytheville and Thomas Nelson were a major topic of discussion. CFAC continues to do all it can to assist our colleagues who have lost their jobs through a weekly distribution of vacant faculty positions across the VCCS. It has formed a subcommittee to involve faculty in addressing enrollment and, as importantly, retention solutions. We encouraged more college presidents to use existing policies, such as phased retirement, a CFAC initiative, to avoid RIF’s, to save money, and provide senior faculty with a slower off-ramp to retirement.

Other issues discussed included a proposal to involve college educational foundations to provide tuition free courses for the spouses/children of faculty and staff. Much like the existing policy for senior citizens, the proposal would only include courses that had already achieved a minimum enrollment. Clinical workload hours for the nursing faculty, altering the VCCS-29 to permit national accreditation for promotion and credit for subsequent graduate work, prior to the awarding of a degree, were part of the agenda.

CFAC felt that much outside part-time employment, such as consulting and publishing, were consistent with the professional obligations of teaching faculty. Colleges should encourage, not prohibit, such activities and, unless they conflicted with contractual duties, there was no obligation for faculty to report them to supervisors. On the other hand, outside full-time employment was inconsistent with the professional obligations of VCCS teaching faculty and supervisors should know and have the discretion to prohibit it.

The System’s Office provided updates on Canvas, direct placement, Passport implementation, alternate dispute resolution, the search advocacy program to encourage diversity, and the hiring policy for distinguished professors. The general feeling was there was a need to review the faculty evaluation policy and offer best practices training on its implementation. Please contact your college CFAC representative to learn more about these issues.

CFAC has prided itself on establishing a collegial and respectful relationship with the Chancellor and his Cabinet. Working together as a team, we have championed policies such as parental leave and sought solutions to the enrollment/retention problems that have plagued higher education nationwide. Most of us have made a commitment to community colleges over our careers because we viewed our colleagues as friends and our administratiors to be as sensitive to the welfare of our students as are the faculty/staff. It is with this belief that we tackle the hard decisions ahead to find ways to boost enrollment, update/revise policies that negatively affect professional growth, and having our colleagues’ backs when they face job insecurity or obstacles to their classroom effectiveness.


The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee consists of elected representatives from each of Virginia’s 23 community colleges. Twice each academic year, they meet in Richmond with the Chancellor and his administrative staff for a collegial and free-flowing discussion that addresses faculty concerns and issues related to student success.

Each member invites feedback from colleagues to more effectively represent the interests of the teaching faculty and better serve Virginia’s Community Colleges.
There are some new members on the panel this year. Here are the 2019-2020 college representatives on CFAC:

BRCC -Audrey Perselay –
CVCC – Cynthia Deutsch –
DSLCC – Tondalaya VanLear –
DCC – David Balfour –
ESCC – Paul Weitzel –
GCC – Mirela Fetea –
JSRCC – Jason Sampson –
JTCC – Steve Carlisle –
LFCC – Rachel Dodson –
MECC – Terri Lane –
NRCC – Amber Clark –
NVCC – Charles Errico –
PHCC – Michelle Zollars –
PDCCC – Joseph DeStefano –
PVCC – John Gulley –
RCC – Ruth Greene –
SVCC – Tommy Wright –
SWCC – Kim Smith –
TNCC – Michelle Alexander –
TCC – Stacey Deputy –
VHCC – Winona Fleenor –
VWCC – Toni Pepin –
WCC – Susan Evans –
CGG-CODD Rep – Shashuna Gray –
WCC-ASAC Rep to CFAC – Lorri Huffard –

Dr. Charles Errico is a professor of history at Northern Virginia Community College’s Woodbridge Campus, and chairs the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC).'

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Created more than 50 years ago, the VCCS is comprised of 23 community colleges located on 40 campuses across the commonwealth. Together, Virginia’s Community Colleges serve more than 270,000 students a year in credit and workforce courses.

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