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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

In this issue:

• Governor makes it clear he wants hands-on relationship with VCCS
• Search begins anew for new Chancellor
• VFCCE Fellows are ready to put pandemic in rearview mirror
• VHCC’s Adam Hutchison chosen for Aspen Fellowship
• VCCS leaders recognized in Va. Power 500 list
• Heads-up, it’s FAFSA time again
• GCC invites us all to a pair of speaker series
• CVC campaign invites us to help those in need
• Fond memories of a royal encounter
• Other News from the world of higher education
• Link to VCCS events calendar

“You have my commitment to be with you, to be accessible, to be involved.” Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin had high praise for the work done by Virginia’s Community Colleges to prepare people for the 21st century workplace. Youngkin signaled that he wants a hands-on relationship with our colleges.

After an unsuccessful effort last spring, the search is back on for a new Chancellor for Virginia’s Community Colleges. The panel that will recruit and screen potential candidates held its first meeting recently and hopes a new VCCS leader can be selected in the next few months.

Students who have earned fellowships through the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education (VFCCE) are among the top performers at our colleges. This year’s cohort has an intense esprit de corps, and is focused on putting the global pandemic behind them.

Congratulations to Virginia Highlands Community College President Adam Hutchison, who has been selected for the Aspen Institute’s New Presidents Fellowship program this year. The fellowship supports community college presidents in the early years of their tenure as they work to achieve student success in higher education. Hutchison is one of just 26 higher-ed leaders from across the nation to be selected for the 2022-23 class. Hutchison joined VHCC as president in 2020.

“We strive to inventory the most powerful and influential leaders and executives in Virginia across 20 major sectors, ranging from real estate and manufacturing to higher education and government. We accept suggestions for the Virginia 500, but it is compiled based on research by our editorial staff, not through nominations.” Virginia Business Magazine editor Richard Foster on the publication of the 2022 “Virginia 500” list, which includes NOVA President Anne Kress and VFCCE Board Chair Ben Davenport.

Planning is underway for our big annual workforce conference. Save the dates for this year’s Hire Education event at the Hotel Roanoke November 9-11. Details are coming soon for registration…keep an eye on your emails.

It’s that time of year! Be sure to remind your new and returning students to complete or renew their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the 2023-2024 award year. And, yes, students do need to re-apply annually. The FAFSA allows students to apply for all forms of federal student aid (i.e., grants, work study, loans). Colleges also use it to award state and institutional aid. For example, G3 students need to complete the FAFSA. The form for the 2023-2024 award year is available on October 1.

Again this year, Germanna Community College is extending an invitation to all of our colleagues across our community college system to attend Germanna’s fall speaker series. (Thanks, Germanna!) The programs are online and free of charge. This fall’s speakers will discuss the ethical lapse of using prisoners as involuntary lab subjects, how to have productive conversations about our differences, and how to create classroom environments that improve success for underserved students. The next program is Sept. 28 at noon, so don’t wait to check out the listings.

Germanna Community College is also inviting our colleagues from across the system to a series of online workshops focusing on Internet safety. The free sessions begin October 6 and will cover safe practices for sharing images and information.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will celebrate 25 Years of Giving and Volunteerism with its 2022 campaign. The fundraiser kicks of October 5 and runs through the fall, giving state employees a chance so support a diverse array of charities across Virginia. State employees raised more than $2 million through the CVC campaign in 2021.

The passing of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month rekindled a happy memory for some of our colleagues who were lucky enough to meet her when she visited Virginia in 2007 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement. NOVA faculty member Charlie Errico (above, right) remembers tight security for the visit, but said the Queen was gracious and friendly. Then-Chancellor Glenn DuBois (on the left) recalls the governor wanted Her Royal Highness to meet some “regular folks,” along with the hoard of dignitaries who greeted her every move. DuBois said one of our faculty members was so excited he breached royal protocol by offering his hand for her to shake. The Queen smiled and allowed the handshake. Afterwards, the faculty member said he’d never wash his hand again and declared “It was better than meeting Elvis!”

Other Higher Ed News of Note:

• VCU, VMI, Radford U. – all report enrollment declines this fall. -Roanoke Times (https://roanoke.com/news/local/education/radford-university-other-colleges-see-further-enrollment-declines/article_471dbab8-39d7-11ed-b372-17ff6277d687.html)
• VCU has settled with the family of Adam Oakes, who died in a fraternity hazing incident, for $995,000. -Richmond Times Dispatch (https://richmond.com/news/local/education/vcu-settles-with-family-of-adam-oakes-who-died-in-hazing-incident-for-995-000/article_0a249cd9-2c52-5e29-abb5-48a45b672e3a.html) (limited free access)
• Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, a member of the VCU faculty, Is not satisfied with VCU’s public apology for MCV’s decision 50 years ago to transplant the heart of a black man without the family’s consent. -Richmond Free Press (http://m.richmondfreepress.com/news/2022/sep/22/vcu-apology-fails-heal-wounds-inflicted-mcv-doctor/)
• $13 Million gift to VCU Nursing School will provide more than 1,000 undergraduate and doctoral students with scholarships over the next five years. -Virginia Business Magazine (https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/conways-make-13m-donation-to-vcu-nursing-school/?oly_enc_id=4024G5692790F7Y)
• Responding to pressure from the governor’s office, UVa and UVA/Wise will offer a one-time credit to in-state undergrads to offset tuition increases approved earlier this year. -WRIC TV (https://www.wric.com/news/politics/capitol-connection/youngkins-push-to-keep-tuition-flat-paying-off-as-another-university-approves-one-time-credit/)
• Virginia Tech to receive $80 million grant from the USDA – the largest gift in the school’s history – to create a program that will pay farmers to adopt practices that reduce climate change. -Cardinal News (https://cardinalnews.org/2022/09/20/virginia-tech-receives-80-million-grant-largest-in-school-history/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Five%20questions%20for%20Youngkin%20s%20energy%20policy&utm_campaign=Tuesday%2C%20September%2020%2C%202022&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=28a92d81-ed8f-450a-afba-b2c60babaedb)
• Leadership change at Eastern Virginia Medical School has renewed consideration of whether to merge EVMS and ODU. -Virginia Business Magazine (https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/a-stitch-in-time-odu-evms-eye-potential-merger/?oly_enc_id=4024G5692790F7Y)
• Just in time for your next round of Trivial Pursuit, here’s the list of the 50 most expensive colleges in the U.S. (If you guessed #1 is Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA, you’re right!) -CBS News (https://www2.cbsnews.com/the-50-most-expensive-colleges-in-america/51?utm_subid=11925256&utm_adset=5488004&utm_campaign=1815552&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&ftag=ACQ-07-10adj1f&fbclid=IwAR0B_ZcIeHiUlqSiyOIMpBJioWSAunGw8eVHpD5h6bJM_Yo8jC5dlVshShs)

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