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 Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Texting Project
Submitted by Megan Healy, Academic Services & Research

Every day technology is developed that allows us to interact with friends or connect to the world through a new social media platform. From Snapchat to Twitter, students prefer instant communication with a quick photo or tweet of 140 characters or less. With an average age of 26 at Virginia’s Community Colleges, our students want multiple ways to communicate with advisors, faculty and their peers. However, the VCCS still communicates using emails and Blackboard, versus the texting and social media apps that students prefer.


# of students enrolled in the first 7 months of the Workforce Credential Grant (WCG) program: 3,309 (as of 2/1/17).

% of WCG students pursuing credentials by field:
• Logistics: 30%
• Healthcare: 30%
• Manufacturing & Welding: 15%
• Other Skilled Trades 10%
• Information Technology (including Cybersecurity): 11%
• Business, Customer Service and Education: 4%

Free Workforce Tools for Students and Colleges
Submitted by Amanda Christopher, Workforce Development Services 

Workforce education and training is becoming increasingly important to Virginians, according to key findings from the 2017 PUBLIC POLICY POLL: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND WORKFORCE TRAINING REPORT released this month, as evidenced by the hugely successful Workforce Credential Grant Program at Virginia’s Community Colleges. In just its first seven months, Virginia’s New Economy Workforce Industry Credential Grant program has enrolled 3,309 students of all ages to study for high-demand occupations, while paying only a third of the normal cost.


PRESIDENTIAL PROFILE: SWCC President Mark Estepp Crafts VCCS Mace
Submitted by Pat Bussard, SWCC

The college mace is the premier symbol of the academic procession of college administrators, faculty, staff, and most importantly, students. Traditionally, the ceremonial staff is carried in the procession immediately prior to the president of an institution of higher learning..

COLLEGE FOUNDATION NEWS: Beazley gift lets TCC expand its Portsmouth dual-enrollment program
Submitted by Marian Anderfuren, TCC  

Tidewater Community College’s Educational Foundation announced a major expansion of the college’s dual-enrollment program on January 26 that will allow more high-school students in Portsmouth Public Schools to jump-start their college careers.


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Week 4 (Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, 2017)
Submitted by Ellen Davenport, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

Budget and Crossover
 Last week was an exhausting one with the announcements of the budget recommendations for both the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, the push for budget priorities to be funded, and the landslide of bills that have been (or need to be) acted on in their originating house before the February 7 "crossover." Committees were meeting as early as 7:00 a.m., finishing late at night, and the schedule, volume, and pace are wearing on everyone.



Nomination Form


Feb. 15 (Deadline to submit)


Nomination Form


Feb. 15 (Deadline to submit)


Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP) Meeting




Feb. 21-22




Feb. 24


Nomination Form


Feb. 24 (Deadline)






Feb. 28-Mar. 3


State Board Meeting




Mar. 16


NRCC (Dublin)


Mar. 24


Faculty Peer Group Meeting
(English, History & Related Humanities)




Mar. 30-31


Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)




Apr. 3-4


Workforce Development Services Advisory Council




Apr. 6-7




Apr. 12-14


Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP)




Apr. 18-19

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