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 Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Multiple Measures for Student Success

In separate meetings in November, December and January, the Academic and Student Affairs Council (ASAC), the Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP), and the State Board for Virginia’s Community Colleges unanimously approved a new policy to guide the way VCCS colleges ensure that incoming students are placed in appropriate math and English courses.


Submitted by Dr. Catherine Finnegan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness

• Prior to the adoption of the Multiple Measures for Placement Policy, 95% of students entering the VCCS took the placement test, although other placement options were available.
• 61% of recent high-school graduates who enroll in the VCCS have either an SAT or ACT score.
• 78% of recent high-school graduates have taken Algebra 2 or higher.

SVCC Collaborates with Local Prosecutors on Alternative Sentencing
Submitted by Christie Hales, SVCC

“As prosecutors we are always looking for sentencing alternatives. Probation and/or incarceration doesn't fit every case, but often these are the only options we have,” said Lezlie Green, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Brunswick County.


VCCS State Board Awards Germanna's David Sam President Emeritus Status
Submitted by Mike Zitz, GCC 

Germanna Community College President David A. Sam, who will retire at the end of June, was awarded president emeritus status by the State Board for Virginia’s Community College on Thursday, Jan. 19 in Richmond.


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Week 2 (Jan. 16-20, 2017)
Submitted by Ellen Davenport, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

Below is a recap of Week 2’s General Assembly activity.

Bills Re-referred to Senate Finance Committee
SEVERAL BILLS which had been assigned to the Senate Education and Health Committee were re-referred to the Senate Finance Committee on January 19. This includes a number of bills changing college and university board governance, earmarking or capping tuition, and increasing the percentage of in-state versus out-of-state students admitted to and enrolled in Virginia’s public colleges and universities. Similar bills have also been filed in the House of Delegates.





Jan. 25-26




Jan. 26


Featured Artist Search
(For New Horizons Conference)




Feb 1 (Deadline to submit)


Faculty Peer Group Meeting
(Engineering & Applied Technologies, Information System Technology & Computer Science, Accounting, Business & Economics)


Glen Allen


Feb. 2-3




Feb 3


Nomination Form


Feb. 15 (Deadline to submit)


Nomination Form


Feb. 15 (Deadline to submit)


Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP) Meeting




Feb. 21-22




Feb. 24






Feb. 28-Mar. 3


Faculty Peer Group Meeting
(English, History & Related Humanities)




Mar. 30-31




Apr. 12-14

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