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 Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Early childhood education pilot shows promising early returns.

• 15 VCCS colleges currently have an early childhood program.
• In 2014-2015, 2,439 VCCS students enrolled in an early childhood program.
• The Virginia Quality Rating Improvement System rates quality early child development centers. For level two, teachers and directors must have some college credit, most likely from a community college. There are 227 centers in the Davenport Institute’s service region with only 28% of students in a quality rated center.
• TCC and NoVA are striving to become the first National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited community college programs.
• Early childhood education students can often earn a Career Studies Certificate for little or no out-of-pocket costs thanks to scholarships from the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation Pathfinders, the Virginia Department of Social Services, and other resources.

First generation college graduate finds herself a degree closer to opening her own childcare center.

Something old, something new,
that’s what our college round up brings to you.
Central Virginia is raising the bar
for Virginians who can pronounce nuclear.
And Mountain Empire is pickin’ some tunes
to ensure native music ain’t goin’ away soon.


Aug. 11


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Aug. 16


Conference Call


Aug. 24


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2017 Workforce Professionals Academy


 Sep. 19-21


Hampton Roads Convention Center


 Sep. 19-22


System Office (Richmond)


State Board Meeting


 Sep. 21


System Office (Richmond)


VCCS Tech Council Fall Meeting


 Sept. 26-27


System Office (Richmond)


VCCA Conference


Sep. 27-29


Wyndham Crossings (Richmond)


Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success Webinar Series: Tidewater Community College‐ Women Inspiring Self‐Empowerment Meeting number (access code): 644 978 422 Meeting password: jCCPu6WJ


Sept. 28 (12:00-1:00)


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Workforce Development Services Advisory Council


Oct. 5-6


System Office (Richmond)


Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)


Oct. 10-11


Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)


Oct. 11-12


Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)


Communications, Visual & Performing Arts Peer Group Conference


 Oct. 19-20




HR Service Awards Luncheon


 Oct. 23


Independence Golf Clubhouse (Midlothian)


Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)


 Nov. 2-3


System Office (Richmond)


Student Leadership Conference


Nov. 10-12


Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)


State Board Meeting


Nov. 16


System Office (Richmond)


Hire Ed Conference


Dec. 6-8


Homestead (Hot Springs)


Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)


Dec. 7


Homestead (Hot Springs)


VCCS Tech Council Winter Meeting


Jan. 24-25, 2018


System Office (Richmond)

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