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Home > Staff > Administrative Services > Davenport, Ellen

Glenn DuBois


In the summer of 2001 the Virginia Community College System welcomed Glenn DuBois to serve as its new chancellor. Since then, he has led the 23-college system through its first and into its second strategic plan, rising to the challenge of enduring both unprecedented enrollment growth and unprecedented cuts in state operating funds.

During his tenure, Virginia’s Community Colleges have signed groundbreaking guaranteed transfer agreements with more than two dozen public and private universities; become Virginia’s leading provider of workforce development services, helped Virginia close headline-grabbing economic development deals; diversified community college funding sources, doubling foundation-led private fundraising; and have maintained a tuition rate that is one-third of the comparable rate at Virginia’s universities.

DuBois received his doctorate in higher education administration, research and policy from the University of Massachusetts. He began his career at a community college in New York.


Ellen Davenport

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Governmental Relations,

Since taking over the position in 2005, Davenport has worked with the chancellor and the presidents of Virginia’s 23 community colleges to advance the legislative and financial priorities of the organization with members of the Virginia General Assembly and Virginia’s Congressional delegation.

Davenport also coordinates with the vice chancellor for institutional advancement to secure additional private resources from donors, corporate foundations, and local sources to benefit the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education.

Davenport has a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate from ODU as well as a master’s degree from UVa. Prior to joining VCCS, she held advocacy and financial management positions at the Virginia Association of Counties, the City of Hampton, and the City of Newport News.