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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Hoover, Sharon Fiscal Services Financial Reporting Manager (804) 819-4793
Howard, Vernon Business & Project Support Services Senior Business System Analyst 804-423-8936
Hristov, Susan Shared Services Center Accounts Payable Officer 540-591-4108
Hundley, Jason E. Workforce Development Services Workforce IT Liaison (804) 819-5386
Hung, Carrie Information Technology Services Oracle Database Administrator (804) 423-5643
Hunnell, Cindy Shared Services Center Accounts Payable Officer 540-591-4107
Hux, Anne Shared Services Center HR Technician (Hire-to-Retire) 540-591-4086
Hyde, Morgan Academic Services & Research Event Technology Coordinator 804-819-5388
Hypes, Crystal Shared Services Center Senior Contract Officer 540-591-4067
Jack, Helga M. Fiscal Services SIS Functional Specialist (804) 819-5398
Jackson, Christine Shared Services Center Data Analyst 540-591-4037
Jackson, Jasmine Human Resource Services Human Resources Analyst 804-819-4933
James, Jennifer Human Resource Services Human Resources Consultant 804-819-1672
James, Joy Academic Services & Research Functional Specialist 804-819-3328
Jewett, Daniel J. Facilities Management Services Capital Outlay Project Manager (804) 819-4914
Johnson, Carly Shared Services Center HR Technician (540) 591-4011
Johnson, Kristen Institutional Advancement Advancement Services & Foundation Coordinator (804) 819-4796
Johnson, Michele Shared Services Center Content Program Manager 540-591-4058
Johnson, William Budget & Planning Services Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget & Planning (804) 819-4912
Jones, Alana Shared Services Center Student Intern 540-591-4070