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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Jones, Bert Facilities Management Services Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management Services (804) 819-4917
Jones, Gwendolyn Information Technology Services Document Mgt. System Specialist 804-819-4441
Jones, Nicole Purchasing Office Procurement Officer I (804) 819-5394
Jones, Robin Information Technology Services Project Management Specialist (804) 819-3327
Kemp, Scott W. Workforce Development Services Director of College Access (804) 819-4968
Komakula, Sridher Information Technology Services Systems Analyst (804) 423-7443
Kondubhatla, Venkata Information Technology Services Enterprise Application Specialist (804) 423-8943
Kraus, Jeffrey Institutional Advancement Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Relations (804) 819-4949
Krishnakumar, Hemalatha Information Technology Services Systems Analyst (804) 423-8929
Lane, Caroline P. Workforce Development Services Project Director, Rural Virginia Horseshoe Initiative (804) 819-1695
Lawrence, Cheryl Fiscal Services Accounting Manager (804) 819-4930
Lawrence, Kimberly Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-7442
Lazowski, Teresa Fiscal Services Accountant (804) 819-4928
Lee, Christopher Human Resource Services Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resource Services (804) 819-4685
Lewis, Daniel Academic Services & Research Director Of Educational Programs (804) 819-4936
Lightfoot, Angela Facilities Management Services Capital Outlay Ass't Program Mgr (804) 819-4694
Long, Brian Workforce Development Services Workforce Information Technology Coordinator (804) 819-1688
Love, Sally Information Technology Services Executive Administrative Assistant (804) 819-4990
Lucia, Ralph Information Technology Services Chief System Architect (804) 423-6755
Lyon, Andrew Information Technology Services Network Lead Engineer (804) 423-7429