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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Eturu, Jhansi Information Technology Services Enterprise Application Specialist (804) 423-8933
Evans-Shaw, Pearl Information Technology Services Network Analyst (804) 819-4440
Farnsworth, Andrew Information Technology Services Enterprise Software Developer (804) 423-7438
Farthing, Rick Facilities Management Services Lead Reviewer-Program Manager (804) 819-3326
Fast, Mindy Workforce Development Services Coordinator, Customized Training and Continuing Education (804) 819-4985
Finnegan, Catherine Academic Services & Research Asst. Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness (804) 819-1665
Foster, Natalie Institutional Advancement Assistant Development Officer (804) 819-4960
Franklin, Fred Institutional Advancement Senior Tech Analyst (804) 819-4982
Gagnon, Keith Purchasing Office Procurement Director (804) 819-4698
Gentry, Jennifer Sager Institutional Advancement Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement (804) 819-4961
Gillikin, Edward Facilities Management Services VCCS Architect (804) 819-4792
Girouard, Shannon Workforce Development Services Financial Analyst 804-819-4783
Glaze, Christopher Information Technology Services System Engineer (804) 423-8941
Guderjohn, Joseph Information Technology Services Enterprise Senior Engineer (804) 423-7436
Hall, Celeste Workforce Development Services Career Coach Specialist (804) 819-4974
Hanzlik, Monica Information Technology Services Lead Database Administrator (804) 423-7427
Harcum, Kathy Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 784-8876
Harris, Mike Fiscal Services Capital Outlay Acct. Mgr. (804) 819-4926
Harris, Nancy Academic Services & Research Professional Dev. Program Specialist (804) 819-4687
Harrison, David Information Technology Services Chief Information Security Officer (804) 819-4993