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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Christopher, Amanda Workforce Development Services Public Relations Coordinator (804) 819-5382
Clark, Andy Information Technology Services Lead System Analyst (804) 423-6752
Clements, Emily Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-6743
Coates, Katherine Workforce Development Services Administrative Coordinator (804) 819-1690
Cooper, David Information Technology Services Information Tech Specialist (804) 819-4696
Cousins, Raymond Workforce Development Services WIA Youth Programs Coordinator (804) 819-1686
Coyle, Nicki Workforce Development Services Administrative and Office Specialist (804) 819-4947
Creighton, LaVonn Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-6750
Curran, Sue Ann Academic Services & Research Early Alert Project Specialist (804) 819-4944
Curtis, Allie Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-7433
Dalrymple, Pam Information Technology Services Integration Tools Technical Lead (804) 423-5636
Damon, Gene Academic Services & Research Director of Library Automation (804) 819-4981
Davenport, Ellen Administrative Services Asst. Vice Chancellor, Governmental Relations (804) 819-4969
Davis, James Information Technology Services Deputy Chief Information Officer (804) 819-4995
Dehetre, Paula Scott Workforce Development Services Project Director, Workforce Innovation Grant (804) 819-1687
Dickerson, MaChere Workforce Development Services Financial Analyst (804) 819-4948
Douglas, Carrie Workforce Development Services Director of Research and Evalutation (804) 819-1684
Drew, Janice Fiscal Services Accountant (804) 819-4439
DuBois, Glenn Chancellor's Office Chancellor (804) 819-4903
Dwyer, Lori Jean Workforce Development Services Assistant Vice Chancellor for Workforce Policy (804) 819-1673