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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Blair, Terry Workforce Development Services Workforce Compliance Monitor (804) 819-1683
Boehnlein, Carey B. Chancellor's Office Admin and Support Specialist (804) 819-4903
Bolt, Dennis Fiscal Services Financial Services Manager I (804) 819-4927
Britt, Clement Institutional Advancement Photographer (804) 819-4925
Bromser-Kloeden, Gareth Academic Services & Research Web & IT Specialist (804) 819-4787
Buford, Sidney Facilities Management Services Facility Condition Inspector (804) 819-1664
Burgwyn, Lauren Institutional Advancement Director of Special Events & Conferences (804) 819-4987
Butler, Katherine Workforce Development Services Workforce Functional Specialist (804) 819-4967
Butterworth, Craig Institutional Advancement Public Relations Coordinator (804) 819-3329
Cain, Alexander Information Technology Services Shared Services Information Security Analyst (804) 819-4686
Caldwell-Gore, Tracy Workforce Development Services WDS Grants Administrator (804) 819-3332
Caleb, Andrew J. Human Resource Services HRIS Analyst (804) 819-4937
Campos, Leo Workforce Development Services Project Manager / Data Analyst (804) 819-4430
Cantone, Tom Legal Services Associate System Counsel (804) 819-5381
Capps, Amy Information Technology Services Lead Information Technology Specialist (804) 819-5639
Carter, Jenny Workforce Development Services Director of Workforce Partnerships and Projects (804) 819-1689
Tod, David Information Technology Services Information Technology Analyst (540) 591-5864
Carwile, Vicky Information Technology Services Shared Services Information Security Officer (804) 819-4992
Case, Scott Information Technology Services Lead Applications Specialist (804) 423-6749
Cassidy, Tara Academic Services & Research Coordinator of Library Services (804) 819-4976