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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Smith, Michael Shared Services Center HR Operations Line Manager 540-591-4055
Smith, Michael M. Information Technology Services CTO Shared Services (804) 819-4680
Sorrell, Heather Academic Services & Research Coordinator of Student Affairs (804) 819-4979
Spence, Courtney Shared Services Center Contact Center Agent (540) 591-4024
Spencer, Brandon Shared Services Center Buyer S 540-591-4039
Sprouse, Joann Shared Services Center Acounts Payable Supervisor 540-591-4016
Stacy, Jessica Shared Services Center Payroll Specialist 540-591-4054
Stamper, Randall Workforce Development Services Asst. Vice Chancellor, Career Pathways and Workforce Programs (804) 819-4691
Stevenson, Aaron Shared Services Center Buyer Specialist/Help Desk eVA 540-591-4012
Still, Amy Shared Services Center Accounts Payable Officer 540-591-4017
Stockton, Tim Information Technology Services System Engineer (540) 591-5865
Strawn, Rachel Workforce Development Services Great Expectations Program Director (804) 819-4690
Sweat, Tom Shared Services Center Business Transformation Office Manager 540-591-4014
Sweet, Paul Facilities Management Services Capital Outlay Program Manager (804) 819-4913
Swiney, Donna Administrative Services Executive Assistant (804) 819-4910
Talbott, Natalie Information Technology Services Services Information Security Officer 540-591-5867
Talentinow, Mary Shared Services Center Senior Contract Officer 540-591-4064
Tanner, Vicki Workforce Development Services Compliance Monitoring Manager (804) 819-1682
Taratsas, George Workforce Development Services Administrator, Federal Workforce Development Programs (804) 819-5387
Tavel, Brett Workforce Development Services Rapid Response State Coordinator 804-819-4946