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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Roberts, Allyson Workforce Development Services Great Expectations Mentoring Coordinator (804) 819-4950
Roberts, Sibyl Facilities Management Services Capital Outlay Program Manager (804) 819-4918
Rohas, Mary C. Audit & Consulting Team Senior Internal Auditor (804) 819-4952
Rosenthal, Aaron Academic Services & Research Decision Support System Reports Coordinator (804) 819-4977
Russell, Michael Information Technology Services Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Services Operations (804) 423-5635
Saunders, Greer Legal Services System Counsel (804) 819-4906
Savage, Mary Facilities Management Services Emergency Preparedness & Safety Manager (804) 819-4986
Scaggs, Bradley Academic Services & Research Coordinator of Financial Aid (804) 819-7439
Scott, Alice Workforce Development Services Assistant Project Director, Coach for Adv Mfg (804) 423-8942
Scruggs, Darrell Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-5638
Seuffert, Lynn Institutional Advancement Director of Grant Development and Administration (804) 819-4963
Sharpe, Christy Facilities Management Services Administrative and Office Specialist (804) 819-4920
Shaw-Bell, Noelle Legal Services Associate System Counsel (804) 819-4432
Sheffer, Denise Facilities Management Services Capital Outlay Ass't. Program Mgr. (804) 819-4997
Shores, Molly M. Institutional Advancement Special Events and Conferences Planning Coordinator 804-819-5397
Silver, Linda Information Technology Services Lead System Analyst (804) 423-6742
Simmons, Michelle Workforce Development Services Workforce Compliance Monitor (804) 819-1681
Skaggs, Michele Strategic Sourcing Assistant Procurement Director, Strategic Sourcing Portfolio Manager (804) 819-4965
Skinker, Judson Information Technology Services Information Security Officer (804) 819-4994
Smith, Debra Strategic Sourcing Procurement Officer II (804) 819-4978