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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Workphone Email
Hall, Celeste Workforce Development Services Career Coach Specialist (804) 819-4974
Hancock, Latoria Shared Services Center Accounts Payable Specialist (540) 591-4005
Hanzlik, Monica Information Technology Services Lead Database Administrator (804) 423-7427
Harcum, Kathy Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 784-8876
Harley, Kayla M. Audit & Consulting Team Auditor I (804) 819-4956
Harris, Mike Fiscal Services Capital Outlay Acct. Mgr. (804) 819-4926
Harris, Nancy Academic Services & Research Professional Dev. Programs Manager (804) 819-4687
Harrison, David Information Technology Services Chief Information Security Officer (804) 819-4993
Harvey, Patty Shared Services Center Buyer Specialist 540-591-4019
Haselhorst, Kate Human Resource Services Diversity Officer (804) 819-4785
Healy, Megan Academic Services & Research Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services (804) 819-4971
Henley, Joyce Information Technology Services Senior System Engineer (804) 423-6741
Henry, Robert Workforce Development Services Program Admin Spec/WIOA Youth 804-819-1686
Hepler, David Information Technology Services System Analyst (804) 423-6747
Herndon, Craig Workforce Development Services Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development (804) 819-4782
Hickman, James Human Resource Services HRIS Analyst (804) 819-1671
Hill, Ashley Facilities Management Services Administrative Assistant (804) 819-4920
Hill, Jr., Bernard D. Enterprise Portfolio Management EPMO Consultant (804) 423-8946
Hockaday, Kelly Human Resource Services Executive Assistant (804) 819-4685
Hofmann, Adolph Academic Services & Research System Analyst (804) 819-5389