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Professional Development Paul Lee Grants Library

The Office of Professional Development is pleased to offer links to final reports for grants and workshop mini-grants starting with the year 2010.

This grant library offers:

  • Greater transparency and availability for grant information to build upon the reservoir of academic research
  • On-line, on-demand, 24/7 availability whenever you are doing your research and writing
  • Multi-user accessibility
  • Clear organization and cataloging with searchable content

To use the library, select a year and semester to view grants awarded in that cycle. Click on the name of the grant to view its final report as a PDF. You can email the grant author by clicking their email address link.

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Title Author Grant ID College Email
Co-Authored: The 'Write' Pairings for Interdisciplinary Intellectual DevelopmentRobyn RussoF2016-1280P-CFNorthern
Creating an Interdisciplinary Experiential Non-Western Humanities CoursePamyla YatesSU2016-1272P-PFBlue
Developing an Online Academic Writing Journal for VCCS StudentsThomas
Instructional Technology Mini-ConferenceCarrie HalpinSU2016-299W-FFVirginia
Educate the Educators, Diode Laser Soft Tissue CertificationMartha SullivanSU2016-301W-FFVirginia
Cyber Awareness Training for ITE115/ITE119Diane WolffSU2016-302W-FFVirginia
Open Educational Resource Textbook for Physical Geology, GOL 105Shelley JayeSU2016-1264P-FFNorthern
Phase II: Invitational Solo Exhibition at The Eugenio Granell Fundación in Santiago de Compostela SpainJanice HathawaySU2016-1262P-PFThomas
Developing Problem Solving Skills in the General University PhysicsTatiana StantchevaSU2016-1268P-PFNorthern
Invitational Solo Exhibition at The Eugenio Granell Fundación in Santiago de Compostela SpainJanice HathawayS2016-1256P-PFThomas
Empowering Students with Neuroscience and Mindfulness to Cultivate a Learning Mindset and to Increase Student Retention Rates Eric-Gene ShrewsburyS2016-1254P-CFPatrick
Learning at Own Pace – Pencasts as Tools for Reaching Every Student in Every Physics ClassMirela
Articulation Agreement for Fine Arts Virginia PatesS2016-1247P-CFNorthern
OER in Music Appreciation: A Challenging New Frontier Linda KoblerF2015-1245P-FFCentral
Teaching Literature and Advanced Composition with Open Educational Resources Leslie
Behavior Intervention & Threat Assessment Team Best Practices Training Monica ChenaultF2015-298W-CFNorthern
Exploring Geography in Dynamic El SalvadorRobert ThornettS2015-1212P-CFNorthern
Exploring Malaysia's Dynamic Ethnic and Environmental GeographyRobert ThornettF2014-1116P-FFNorthern
Instructional Equity, Accessibility, & InclusionMaureen MaddeenS2015-1206P-PFNorthern
Professional Development Through Pedagogical and Performance Research: Interviews and Lessons with Three Expert Music TeachersJoseph TrivetteSU2015-1232P-PFSouthwest
Exploring Innovation and Geography in South AmericaRobert ThornettSU2015-1239P-PFNorthern
Reading Critically and Writing Well: The Foundation for College Success and transfer alignmentMargaret MarangioneSU2015-1221P-CFBlue
Development of New English Course--Young Adult LiteratureJudith JohnsonSU2015-1225P-FFJohn
Hybrid Instruction for AutomotiveLaura Garcia-MoreyraSU2015-1231P-FFNorthern
The Impact that change in the Registration calendar has on student outcomes, and the reduction of late registrationTimothy
“Drive”-ing Engagement and Boundaryless Learning: Implementing Google Drive in the First-Year Composition ClassroomMaury BrownS2015-1209P-CF/
Faculty Research in Discipline at a Non-Research Community CollegeWalerian MajewskiS2015-1205P-CFNorthern
Writing in the Disciplines: Analysis of Faculty Writing AssignmentsMaury
Professional Development through Pedagogical and Performance Research: Travel to and Serving as Faculty for the International Choral CourseJoseph TrivetteSU2014-929P-FFSouthwest
History of the Western World Wiki: Centralizing and Annotating Multimedia and Digital Resources for the Teaching of Western Civilization CoursesKara HeitzSU2014-926P-FFNorthern
Nanotechnology in Engineering EducationMonica MalliniSU2014-921P-PFNorthern
Learning at Own Pace - Reaching Every Student in Every Physics Class through Play-Pause-Rewind MediaMirela
Reducing the Burden of Malaria Could have Unintended Causes in a Farming Community in GhanaCharles PumpuniSU2014-916P-FFNorthern
Modern Physics Component for Online Physics CoursesWalerian MajewskiSU2014-910P-FFNorthern
C.S. Lewis Summer Institute Melanie JeschkeSU2014-909P-CFNorthern
ENF3 Distance Learning (DL) CourseBarbara
Professional Development Resources for Mechatronics Faculty: Using the Blackboard and Articulate StorylineThomas
Fall 2014 Instructional Technology Summit - Innovations in Teaching and LearningGreg CookF2014-292W-FFBlue
Writing Across Disciplines: Transfer of Writing Skills from ENG 111 & ENG 112Maury
Understanding Successful Evidence Integration in English Composition EssaysJay SteereS2014-743P-FFNorthern
Water Dance Soundscape as Collaborative Dialogue: A New Music Composition to be Choreographed on the Theme of Water and EcologyJonathan KolmS2014-758P-FFNorthern
Exploring Geography and Innovation in KenyaRobert ThornettS2014-762P-FFNorthern
Preserving the Past Through Community Histories: A Collaborative Research and Oral History ProjectAlyce Miller, Christopher SilventS2014-763P-FFJohn
Southwest Virginia Developmental Education SeminarBarbara ManuelS2014-170W-FFVirginia
Spring 2014 Instructional Technology Summit - Innovations in Teaching and LearningJuliette
Use of Massage Therapy in the Treatment of FibromyalgiaNancy CrippenF2013-602P-FFNorthern
Accelerating Feedback in the Online Learning EnvironmentBruce
Professional Development in Discipline Through Undergraduate Research with StudentsWalerian MajewskiF2013-609P-FFNorthern
(The First) Online Biochemistry Course for VCCSMihaela ChamberlinF2013-608P-FFNorthern
A Pilot Project in Professional Development through Course Development and Instruction in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) EducationLucinda MillerF2013-607P-PFNorthern
Preserving the History of Virginia’s Rosenwald Schools: A Collaborative Project for Faculty, Students, and CommunitySharon BurnhamF2013-603P-FFJohn
Rosenwald Schools and African American Activism in VirginiaAlyce MillerF2014-1113P-FFJohn
The Power of Narrative and Education for Middle Eastern WomenMargaret MaragioneF2014-1104P-CFBlue
Towards Effective Editing: A Repository of Authentic Student-Centered Grammar ContentZaimah KhanF2014-1106P-FFNorthern
George Boucheron and the Battle for Vauqois: A French Memoir of the Great WarCharles EvansF2014-1005P-FFNorthern
Canine Physical Rehabilitation Case Reports and Final ExamJanice LarsenSU2013-565P-PFBlue
Introducing Post-Modern Physics to Community Colleges of VirginiaWalerian MajewskiSU2013-566P-FFNorthern
Writing Across the Curriculum: A Digital Learning and Support ResourceAlexandr ToljSU2013-567P-FFJohn
Academic Honesty and You: Cultivating Responsibility and Earning RespectMargaret MarangioneSU2013-568P-FFBlue
NIST NICE Framework Mapping and Performance-Based AssessmentsMargaret LearySU2013-570P-FFNorthern
The Computer Science Math Skill Development Tool: A Curriculum Revision ProjectRobert TuremanSU2013-578P-FFPaul D.
Diversity Across the Curriculum and Social Problems Related to Academic AchievementRoderick NealF2012-522P-PF/CFPatrick
Earth After: A Multimedia Music Composition about Climate Change and Resource DepletionJonathan KolmS2013-561P-PFNorthern
The Art and Science of Online Education: A Conference for Educators, Advisors, and AdministratorsGhazala
Transforming STEM Education through Creativity and Cross-disciplinary VisualizationRebecca KamenF2012-84W-FFNorthern
Symposium: Thinking, Reading, and Writing at the College LevelMiriam MooreF2012-85W-FFLord
Fall 2012 Instructional Technology Summit - Innovations in Teaching and LearningJuliette
A Qualitative Comparison of SafeAssign and TurnitinJared HuntF2012-512P-FFJohn
Comparing World War II Experiences: African-American Soldiers in the U.S. Army and the Tirailleurs Sénégalais in the French ArmyCharles EvansF2012-513P-PF/CFNorthern
Increase Effectiveness of Communication between Accounting Teachers and StudentsAgatha EngelF2012-519P-PFNorthern
Integrating Team-based Learning into the ClassroomAmy HardingF2012-527P-FFNorthern
From Student to Professional: Facilitating the LEAPJeremy RuaneF2012-530P-FFNorthern
Undergraduate Research Projects in PhysicsWalerian MajewskiF2012-532P-FFNorthern
Innovative Teaching Methodologies to Enhance STEM Education and OutcomesRebecca KamenF2012-541P-PFNorthern
Developing a Science of Food CourseRiham MahfouzF2012-542P-PFThomas
Transition to University Mathematics Courses for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) StudentsSamuel
Community College of Virginia at CERN: Introducing Post-Modern Physics to C.C.Walerian MajewskiSU2012-468P-FFNorthern
Archival Research in England: The Land and Wealth of the Third Duke of Norfolk (1473 - 1554)David HeadSU2012-469P-FFJohn
Taking Field Geology to the Next Level: Canada!Callan BentleySU2012-470P-FFNorthern
Curriculum Development for Transferable Scottish History CoursesMark
New Course Development: The Literature of Death and DyingJudith JohnsonSU2012-472P-FFJohn
Canine Physical Rehabilitation ExternshipJanice LarsenSU2012-475P-PFBlue
ART 195: Topics in Art: Welded Art and Crafts Course DevelopmentDavid BraunSU2012-476P-PFSouthside
Course Redesign for Developmental Psychology (Psy 230)Bonnie DennisSU2012-480P-FF/CFVirginia
Creating an Educator's Guide to Service Learning: A Manual for Successful Integration of Service Learning into the ClassroomRebecca EvansSU2012-481P-PFBlue
The Developmental Advisory Panel (DSAP): A Pilot ProjectBrenda AshcraftSU2012-482P-CF/FFVirginia
Understanding Fractionalism in Restoration Anglo-Irish Politics - An In-depth Look at Changing Political Movements in the Court of Charles IIRebecca HayesSU2012-484P-PFNorthern
Gabriel's Rebellion (Working Title)Lucy Gebre-EgziabherSU2012-485P-PFNorthern
Design of Virtual Field Trips for Historical GeologyBrett DooleySU2012-486P-PFPatrick
Going Green in Organic ChemistryStanley
This History and Traditions of Appalachian PotteryJessica MartinkoskySU2012-490P-FFBlue
Phase II of the Science, Art, and Music of Water: An Instructional Collaboration: Recording, Promoting and DisseminatingJonathan KolmSU2012-491P-FFNorthern
Interactivity + Interaction: Activity-Based Assignments and Learning Tools for History of DesignRosemary
The Introduction to Computer Science Reengineering ProjectRobert TuremanSU2012-497P-FFPaul D.
The Small Business Legal InternshipKelly HebronSU2012-500P-FFNorthern
Undergraduate Research Experience in the Community College STEM CurriculumJuville Dario-BeckerSU2012-506P-FFCentral
Temporal and Spatial Changes of Mercury Contamination of Black-bellied Salamanders (Desmognathus Quadramaculatus)Kevin HamedSu2012-509P-PFVirginia
Combining Developmental Reading, Writing, and Orientation: An Integrated Approach to Student SuccessLana VelezS2012-73W-FFVirginia
Virtualization and Cloud Computing WorkshopBernard SchmidtS2012-78W-PFNorthern
Amadou Hampaté Bâ and the French Colonial Regime in West AfricaCharles EvansF2012-435P-PFNorthern
Using Word Problems to Improve Success Rates in Developmental Reading ClassesMary Downing-GardnerS2012-437P-FFSouthside
Educators' Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations for a 21st Century MindRamezan DowlatiS2012-438P-PFNorthern
Digital Content Creation for Online Communication CourseKimmarie LewisS2012-439P-CFLord
Inside Out: Bringing the Lives of Colonial Virginians into the Classroom by Bringing the Classroom OutRichard
Advanced Studies Certificate for Physical Therapists AssistantsPaula SmithS2012-441P-PFNorthern
Sentence Diagramming Makes a Comeback in a New Arena, the Community College Developmental Writing ClassroomMona MarshallS2012-446P-FFJohn
The Science, Art, and Music of Water: An Instructional CollaborationJonathan KolmS2012-454P-PFNorthern
VCCS Oral Communication Competency Assessment: Three College Pilot of Standardized Rubric and Common Speech AssignmentCynthia De
Facilitating a Community of Practice for Biology InstructionsLucinda MillerF2011-413P-PFNorthern
Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Through MusicJonathan KolmF2011-415P-PFNorthern
Creating an Interactive, Digital Teaching & Learning ResourceAlexandr
Integrating Active Learning Techniques into the Physics ClassroomKenneth PhillipsF2011-419P-FFBlue
Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! The Road to Oz through Generational and Multicultural AwarenessAngie Glenn, Susan SimmersFA2011-418W-PF/CFBlue
Operation Nature Trail Rescue: Engaging Students in the Establishment of an Outdoor Learning LabTeresa RansonF2011-421P-PFCentral
The Underground Railroad Quilt Codes, Fact or FictionSharon TindallF2011-433P-PFNorthern
Student Engagement through Team-Based Learning: Incorporating Team Assignments into the CurriculumAmy HardingFA2011-425P-PF/CFNorthern
Making the Invisible, Visible: A Visual Dialogue Between Art and Science Lecture Tour and CatalogRebecca KamenFA2011-427P-PFNorthern
Create a Website for Storing Best Practice Teaching and Learning Materials Specifically Geared Towards Gen 1.5 StudentsMemuna SillahFA2011-431P-PFNorthern
Physical Canine RehabilitationJanice LarsenSU2011-384P-PFBlue
Physics Laboratory Experiments at HomeTatiana StantchevaSU2011-385P-FFNorthern
Herman Melville Learning Module ProjectJane
Pramoedya Anata Toer: Critic of the Dutch Colonial World and Decolonization in IndonesiaCharles EvansSU2011-387P-CFNorthern
DpBestflow for PhotographersBarbara SouthworthSU2011-388P-FFNorthern
Creating a Super Computer at a Super PriceEdward DeleanSU2011-391P-PFNorthern
Improving Student Retention through Utilization of Best Practices in Community College Career CentersRuth HendrickSU2011-394P-FFVirginia
Expanding Internationalization of the Nursing Curriculum and Cultural Awareness of Community College Nursing Students through an Exploration of Chinese Alternative MedicineDrew StrongSU2011-400P-PFBlue
Professional Development Project: Aebersold Summer Jazz WorkshopJoseph TrivetteSU2011-405P-PFSouthwest
Social Change and Intersectional Activism Book CompletionSharon
Distance Physics Laboratory for VirginiaWalerian MajewskiSU2011-408P-FFNorthern
Multiplying Memories: Using Technology to Research, Organize and Archive Educational Experiences of African American in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia (1930s through 1960s)Cynthia BotelerSU2011-410P-FFDabney S.
A Novel Approach: Feeding a Book Manuscript to Writer's Conference WolvesAndrew SmithSP-2011-370P-CFPiedmont
Research on Partnerships for India Study Abroad ProgramSunithi
Music Instruction and Performance Professional Development ProjectJoseph TrivetteS2011-373P-CFSouthwest
The Art of Water: A Multi-media Lecture for Interdisciplinary Natural Science Course on WaterRebecca KamenS2011-374P-FFNorthern
Emerging Scholars in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer ScienceRobert CrumplerS2011-376P-FFThomas
A Comparative Study of Student Learning Outcomes for Research Papers in Dual Enrollment and On-Campus English 111 and 112 CoursesJay SteereS2011-377P-CFNorthern
Robotics in Engineering EducationMonica MalliniS2011-379P-CF/PFNorthern
Teaching in Black and White: Using the Newspaper as a Text in the Composition ClassroomMeena NayakS2011-380P-PFNorthern
Integrated Science Course for Non-MajorsGillian BackusF2010-364P-PFNorthern
Exploring Business in ChinaIrene WheelerF2010-362P-PFCentral
Local History Digital ArchiveCharles EvansF20120-360P-CF/PFNorthern
Teachers Who InspireGloria HowellF2010-159W-PFBlue
Lights, Camera, Action: Creating a New On-line Film Appreciation II Course for StudentsStacey EffrigS2010-399P-FFBlue
What the Physics Research was Doing, while I was Teaching Here?Walerian MajewskiS2010-356P-FFNorthern
Enhancing the Information Technology Classroom Lecture by use of Personal Communication TechnologyRobert TuremanS2010-354P-FFPaul D.
Podcasting Supplemental Writing LessonsJulie Allien, Justin Pilla, Will SchutzS2010-353P-FFNorthern,,
A Sample Oral History Program: Connecting Students to their Community and Preserving Local HistoryCynthia BotelerS2010-352P-PFDabney S.
Creating an Online Interactive Rubric for Evaluating Writing Across the CollegeAndrew SmithS2010-349P-FFPiedmont
New Course Development: ENG 93, Composition WorkshopMartha BrooksS2010-347P-FFJohn
Going Green: Environment Writing and Research in Composition 111Margaret MarangioneS2010-345P-FFBlue
Common Final Exams and Exit Criteria for Campus Developmental Reading ProgramKaren Taylor KustererS2010-344P-FFNorthern
Wilderness Safety Training for VCCS Faculty Leading Outdoor ActivitiesAubrey WolfeS2010-343P-FFVirginia
Level Up! Student Motivation and Social Network GamingJustin CaryS2010-342P-FFJohn
Development of Security Education Training Modules using 3D Immersive Virtual TechnologyMargaret LearyS2010-341P-FFNorthern
Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills through Primary Source Multimedia in the ClassroomAdam HowardS2010-337P-FFNorthern
Assessing the Influence of Giotto's Frescoes on the Paintings of Dono DoniC. Michael StinsonS2010-334P-PFSouthside
The Magic of CalculusThomas JohnsonSP2010-326P-FFBlue
Supporting Retiring Faculty in Developing their LegacyNan PeckSP2010-323P-FFNorthern
Creativity, Criticism, Collaboration - A Proposal to Establish a Literary MagazineGlenda
Promoting Scientific Teaching and Learning Through a Faculty Learning CommunityJohanna WeissSP2010-320P-FFJohn
Ships of Shame: An Unwelcome Journey that Changed Virginia HistoryWilliam RhaticanSP2010-311P-CFNorthern
Keeping Cool Under Pressure: Ways to Deescalate Difficult Situations in the WorkplaceBridget BaylorSP2010-141W-PFBlue
BYOC: Improving YOUR Own CourseCheryl
Exploring Innovation and Geography in ChileRobert ThornettS2013-560P-FFNorthern
Faculty Learning Community for Mindfulness in Teaching & Developing a Reflective Teaching PracticeLucinda MillerS2013-558P-FFNorthern
Creating a Multi-Campus College Composition Assessment ProgramJay SteereS2013-556P-PFNorthern
Online, Adjunct Orientation Pilot Training CourseLeslie
Using Blogs to Teach Writing in the English ClassroomStephanie WilliamsS2013-551P-FFJohn
Energy Geoscience – Designing a New Course to Explore the Geologic Origins of Power in the Energy Sector TodayMichael MengasonS2013-550P-PFNorthern
Reinforcing the Foundation: Using Course Modules to Bridge Content Memory Gaps and Promote Engineering Student SuccessDavyda
Development of a Career Certificate in NutritionBarbara WrightS2013-547P-PFVirginia
Workshop on Teaching Critical Thinking Across the CurriculumKaryn
Spring 2013 Innovations in Teaching & Learning and Tech SummitJoan J. OsborneS2013-140W-FFNorthern