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VCCS Paul Lee Workshop Mini-Grant Final Report

Filing of the online mini-grant final report is a requirement of the grant acceptance. The final report is not considered complete until an online final report is submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on the specified deadline date.

Effective Date Final Report Due
Summer Semester October 1 by 5:00 pm EST
Fall Semester February 1 by 5:00 pm EST
Spring Semester July 1 by 5:00 pm EST

NOTE: A grant recipient who fails to comply with all requirements of the grant award, including filing of the final report, will be required to return to full amount of any stipend and/or amounts awarded for expenses and the college will be expected to return amounts awarded for time to the VCCS Office of Professional Development. If additional time is needed to complete the grant and final report, the recipient must contact Dr. Abigail Stonerock, VCCS Director of Professional Development, at (804) 819-5393 or to request an extension.

Please summarize the results of your grant project. This report will be shared with colleagues throughout the VCCS. If a written product resulted from your grant, please mail to Nancy Harris at VCCS, 101 N. 14th Street, Richmond, VA 23219. You must submit your final report online by the due date. Do not leave any sections blank.

    Enter below your grant ID number found in your decision letter. For example, S2010-51P-FF means the grant was fully funded Spring Semester 2010. S = spring, SU = summer, F = fall. 51 is the grant number, P is for Professional Development grant, and FF means fully funded.

    Copy your abstract from the grant application.

    Copy your goals & objectives from the grant application.

    Should reflect actual expenditures, only include those categories submitted in Budget Plan.

      Speaker's Honorarium

      Speaker's Expenses

      Conference Supplies

      Conference Meals & Refreshments


      Summarize the methods used to evaluate the project and the evaluation results. Include actual evaluation results if possible.

      What would you repeat or change?

      Upon submitting this form, a confirmation page, including all the submitted data, will appear. Please print out the confirmation page. If you realize you have made an error on your form after hitting the submit button, please contact The Office of Professional Development at