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Chancellor’s Teaching Fellows Program

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Chancellor’s Teaching Fellows 

The Chancellor’s Teaching Fellows Program is designed to extend our recruitment efforts to applicants who have traditionally not been candidates for employment within the VCCS. Our goal is to build a more robust recruiting pool from which to select the best part-time faculty.

The program is open to everyone regardless of background and is offered at all 23 colleges. The goal is to have an applicant pool that reflects the richness and diversity of Virginia. There are two types of Fellowships available: the Minority Professional Teaching Fellows and the Graduate Student Teaching Fellows. For applicants, the two programs are essentially the same. The only differences are who is eligible for each program and how we go about recruiting and identifying applicants for the programs.

Anyone who has earned a master’s degree is eligible to apply for the Minority Professional Teaching Fellows program. Individuals who have not yet earned a graduate degree, but are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program can apply for the Graduate Student Teaching Fellows program if they have at least 18 hours of graduate coursework in the subject area in which the student will teach. Fellows in the Graduate Student Teaching program are assigned a mentor until they have earned a master’s degree.

Please note that this is a hiring pool, and a specific, open position may not be available at the time of your submission. We are always recruiting and there is no deadline to apply. Make sure to read the Must Read Articles and Frequently Asked Questions sections below for further information about the specific programs or how to become a mentor.

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Printable Brochures and FAQs

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Chancellor’s Graduate Student Fellowship

Courses offered at VCCS 

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