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Student Success Snapshots

Home > About > Where We Are > Impact > Student Success Snapshots

Snapshots 2014

 Issue #30, Serving An Increasingly Diverse Virginia:  Hispanic Students in the VCCS

Issue #29, Student Success in the Workplace: An Update on Job Placement

Snapshots 2011-2013

Snapshots 2013

Issue #28, Serving Those Who Serve: Veteran Students’ Characteristics and Outcomes in the VCCS

Issue #27, Graduation Outcomes for VCCS Students Transferring to 4-Year Institutions

Issue #26, Student Performance in Redesigned Developmental Math Courses

Issue #25, Changes in Fall Enrollment Patterns

Snapshots 2012

Issue #24, Developmental Math Testing & Placement

Issue #23, Technology and Student Success

Issue #22, Preparing Virginia's Health Care Workforce

Issue #21, Tracing the Post-secondary Pathways of Dually Enrolled High School Seniors A Study in Collaboration with the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia

Snapshots 2011

Issue #20, The Two-Year College Transfer Grant: Financial Support for VCCS's Transferring Graduates

Issue #19, Preparing for the Top Jobs of the 21st Century - Tackling the STEM Challenge

Issue #18, Achieving Their Dreams: Trends in Enrollment and Success of Underserved Populations

Snapshots 2008-2010

Snapshots 2010

Issue #17, The Impact of Developmental English on Student Progression

Issue #16, Tech Prep: Pathways from High School to College through Career and Technical Education

Issue #15, A View of Library Resource Use in the VCCS

Issue #14, Transforming Career and College Planning: An Initial Review of the Virginia Education Wizard

Issue #13, Career Coaches: Targeting College Access for High School Students

Issue #12, An Initial View of Student Success in the Workforce

Snapshots 2009

Issue #11, Success at a Distance – A Comparison of Delivery Modes

Issue #10, Financial Aid – Bridging the Gap Making College Affordable

Issue #9, On the Road to Success – Some Intermediate Milestones

Issue #8, Dual Enrollment: AN On-Ramp to Success in Postsecondary

Issue #7, Building Relationships Between Students and Institutions: The Impact of College Success Skills Courses on Student Success in the VCCS

Issue #6, An Improved Measure of CTE Student Success: New Perkins Completion Measure

Snapshots 2008

Issue #5, Balancing the Mission – A Five Year Historical Perspective of Graduation, Enrollment, and Persistence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Transfer Students

Issue #4, Virginia Community College’s Contributions to 2007-08 Virginia Bachelor’s Degree Recipients: A Retrospective Look

Issue #2, Momentum: A Focus on First Term Success and Persistence to Spring Term

Issue #1, Why Consider Expanded Success Measures?